One of THE original Miniature Herefords imported into Australia. Nugget is now  almost 14 years old

Jennie and Roy Menzies of Bathurst, chose to breed Miniature Herefords after researching the breed through magazines, over the internet and visiting local and interstate studs.

They wanted to raise an animal that has productivity and yet is not detrimental to pastures and the environment. There is an increased awareness these days of how overgrazing can threaten natural pastures by reducing diversity of natural grasses and increasing erosion as pasture production decreases.

The Miniature Herefords appealed with their good mothering ability, ease of handling and their easy-going nature. They are known to be gentler on pastures and fences, and a small-framed breed, historically, they are the size of original Herefords, which came from England, not a breed recently developed. Herefords are a breed which traditionally do well in their area, yet another another reason they looked at the Miniature Hereford. Certainly the cattle have done well in their area throughout the drought.

They are looking to breed the best animals they can: to provide quality animals and with other Miniature Hereford Breeders, to eventually build up the numbers sufficiently to provide a supply year round for the restaurant market.

They have been having fun breeding Miniature Herefords and at the same time maintaining their motto……… “Striving for Excellence”

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